Our Elders

  • Matt Colosky

    Matt Colosky grew up in Vassar, Michigan. He works at Kusel Equipment as Process Systems Manager and has been attending and serving at River Valley for over 20 years.

    Matt is married to Shannon, who teaches the toddler group for Sunday School. They have 4 grown children and 1 grandchild.

  • Art Ebert

    Art and Pat live in Oconomowoc, and are retired but keep very busy doing marriage counselling and other counselling, as well as teaching various classes as the need arises. They have been attending and serving at River Valley for many years.

  • Dan Ellsworth

    Dan is originally from Colorado and is the CEO of Animart, LLC (a livestock health products company). He graduated with a BA from Colorado State University and an MBA from Bellevue University of Nebraska. He grew up in the church and received Jesus as his Savior in his early teen years.

    Dan's wife is Betsy, who heads up the Assimilation Team at River Valley. They have been attending River Valley since 2013.

  • Chris Mertens

    Chris is a math teacher at Watertown High School and also a track coach. 

    Chris's wife is Amee, who is on of our River Valley worship teams, and together they have been attending and serving at River Valley in various ways for several years. They have 2 daughters.

  • Justin Roberts

    Justin was born in England and went to school in Bath and Birmingham there. He was saved under the ministry of Billy Graham when he was a teenager. He currently works as a Software Engineer.

    Justin's wife is Jen, who is a Deaconess (and works in the office) at River Valley. They have been attending since 2005. Justin teaches the Middle School Discipleship Class at River Valley and they have 3 children and 1 grandchild.

Our Governing Board

  • Charlene Flint

    Charlene grew up on a dairy farm in central Wisconsin and is now retired. She became a believer in 1979 and comes from the Evangelical Free church background.

    Charlene is married to John, who is a Deacon at River Valley. Charlene has been attending River Valley since she married John in 2011.  John has attended for many years. Charlene and John love to bike in their spare time.  Charlene has 2 children and John has 3.

  • Greg Schroeder

    Greg grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin and works as a Financial Advisor. His education is in History and Financial Planning. He became a believer at the age of 17.

    Greg is married to Kim, who is the leader for the River Valley guest follow-up team.  They have been coming to River Valley since 2007. They have 2 grown daughters.

  • Tim Beine
    Assistant Treasurer

    Tim was raised in a Christian home in West Bend, Wisconsin. He is a CPA and has lived in Watertown since 1997.

    Tim is married to Michelle, who is on one of our Worship Teams at River Valley. They have been attending here since 2007 and they have twins who are in college.

  • Joe Haberkorn
    Lead Trustee

    Joe was born and raised in Watertown. He currently works in Watertown. He grew up in a Christian family and can't remember a time he did not know Jesus as his Savior and Lord.

    Joe is married to Laurie, who works in the Sound Booth and heads up a Missions Sewing group. (It's hard to find is anything at River Valley that Joe and Laurie are not involved in!) They have been attending River Valley since 2007 and have 3 grown children and 2 grandchildren.

  • Jeremy Walker
    Lead Deacon

    Jeremy was born and raised in Prairie du Sac, Wisconsin and graduated with a degree in Industrial Engineering from UW Platteville. He works at Kusel Equipment in Watertown. Jeremy accepted Christ as his Savior when he was a freshman in college.

    Jeremy is married to Robin, who is River Valley's Director of Children's Ministries. They have been attending River Valley since 2002, and they have 2 daughters.