For Kids... 

(at 9:30 am)

Discovery Land

We teach our kids to Know, Think, Do, and Feel Right according to God's Word... and it's a ton of fun!


All Preschool-5th graders start the hour in an energized atmosphere of large group worship.

Discovery Time

We then divide up into grades where we take the Bible point for the day, and see it come to life through hands on experience. Not only do children walk away with the truth of God's Word, they experience it using food in the Garden of Eat'n, Legos in building challenges, paint in our art station and so much more!

Bible Time

We finish our hour together in the classroom digging deep into the Word of God. Students not only experience the Bible being brought to life, but are challenged each week to apply the truths they learn to their own lives. 

For students & adults...

(at 9:30 am)

Middle School

Middle School students will be taught to grow in their faith and grapple with the truths of Scripture. Students will be challenged to apply what God says to their own lives all while having a blast!

High School

High School students will be taught about the "real Jesus". They will look with fresh eyes at the life of Jesus in an effort to understand Him and learn more about the deep impact He has made in our world.

The Book of Romans (for Adults)

Led by Pastor Caleb

Paul's letter to the Romans remains one of the most important expressions of Christian truth ever written. Its message forces us to evaluate who we are, Who God is, and what our place in this world ought to be. Join us as we seek to make the journey between Paul's time and our own. 

"After You Believe"

Led by Greg Schroeder

This study seeks to examine afresh the Biblical expectation of Christian virtue lived out in the lives of those who have been empowered by Christ. Christian virtue is not merely a set of rules, nor is it merely doing what comes natural. Christian virtue requires moral muscle, exercised and worked out for service in His kingdom. This class will examine the Biblical foundations of ethics and morality and seek to apply them to everyday living.

For Adults... 

(at 11:00 am)

Men's "No Regrets" group

Fellowship with other men while you study from the "No Regrets" materials

Women's "Dwelling in the Word" group

This growth group will have a time of fellowship while discussing the previous week's "Dwelling in the Word" from the bulletin.