What will River Valley look like in 2022?

Celebrating Jesus

  • Sharing God at Work stories concentrating on the qualities of Jesus that drew people to Him.
  • Authentic worship that celebrates God’s giftings in many expressions.

Developing/Equipping the Found

  • Community and Accountability:
    - Create opportunity for people to be honest and real with each other
  • System/Protocol of Discipleship:
    - Helping all to understand their purpose and calling.
    - Empowering the found to identify the lost and know what to do about it.

Reaching the Lost

  • Awareness: 
    Lost People matter to God.
  • Assimilation: 
    Welcoming and Hospitality (Family, Food and Fun)
    Being the “Who does that?” church
  • Attractional:
    Create space for people to bring non-believers
  • Access: 
    Through local and global missions making sure all people have access to the Gospel.

To God alone be the glory!

Mission/Vision Diagram